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Duration: 1 day (8 hours) - Recommended for public safety personnel

Hands-on course offers practical rescue techniques that will provide the tools to perform effective surface ice rescues and teach responders how to avoid becoming a victim of the ice environment. Program will be presented in the classroom and at an open water site. Topics include ice formations and hazards, ice strength evaluation, rescuer and victim response to acute hypothermia, cold-water near drowning, ice-rescue equipment and techniques, and ice-rescue operational plans.


This three-day course meets the requirements for the technician level of NFPA 1670 Standard for ice incidents. Subjects covered include rescuer safety; self rescue techniques; preplanning and size-up of ice rescue incidents; rope skills; and, understanding of ice properties, formation, types, and hazards.

Equipment Needs:

  • Drysuit or survival suit
  • Type III or V approved PFC
  • Lightweight water or climbing helmet
  • Water booties if not part of drysuit


  • Being in excellent physical condition
  • adequate health insurance coverage

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