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This 2 day (16 hour) step by step program is ideal for Emergency First Responders, outdoor adventurers and travelers, Coaches, Scout leaders & Childcare Providers as well as those emergencies that occur in the home or workplace. ( Text: American Red Cross- First Aid Fast 2002)

Taught by a State Of Alaska EMT I instructor

Meets or exceeds the National Safety Council standards for First Aid training.

Can be combined with CPR and AED programs or done separately.

Receive State of Alaska Emergency Medical Services - 3 year First Aid Card


Duration: 3 days (24 hours) - Recommended for certified divers and surface support personnel

Learn the fundamentals of dive operations from scene evaluation through incident debriefing. Public safety divers and surface-support personnel will be prepared to respond effectively to the water-incident scene. Topics include overview of public safety drowning accidents; selecting, training, and equipping dive teams; dealing with family, media, and other agencies, search pattern fundamentals, victim retrieval tactics; responding to vehicle accidents; accident scene documentation; and an introduction to specialized equipment. Program will be presented in a classroom, a pool, and at an open-water training site.

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