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Tim Kelahan

Founder and Lead Instructor of The Rescue Company, Tim is now working for the Anchorage Fire Department as the Special Operations Technical Rescue Training Officer.

Ben Fleagle

Ben is a Captain at the University Fire Department and started with the Rescue Company in 1998. Ben Designed PFD Otter, the mascot for the Kids Don't Float program.

Travis Keay

   Travis started with the Rescue Company in 1993 and is currrently a Swiftwater Rescue I, assistant Swift Water Rescue II, Low to High Angle Rope Rescue, High Angle Rope Rescue, and assistant Ice Rescue Instructor. Travis is also designer of

Scott Solle

Scott is an Instructor from Salt Lake City, Utah. Scott is also a professional River Guide and owner and lead creator of Solgear river rescue and rafting gear & equipment.

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Jared Edgar

Jared, while currently on Sabbatical for law school, is a Swiftwater I, Rope rescue, Ice rescue, and assistant Dive Rescue Instructor.

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