About Us

The Rescue Company has been teaching rescue classes in Alaska since 1992. We believe that being prepared is everything. In addition to teaching we also support the following programs:

  • Kids Don’t Float
  • ALERT (Advanced Level Emergency Rescue Team)
  • Alaska Rescue Instructor Association


Why We Teach

Simple. Because we love to!

Who We Teach

We will teach anyone who is interested in improving their skills, knowledge, and safety in the water, in the mountains, on the ice and in the field. We tailor our classes to the skill levels and interests of our students. Our classes are often comprised of:

  • Professional River and outdoor Guides and guiding services
  • State and Federal public safety employees
  • Volunteer fire departments and rescue teams
  • Weekend adventurists
  • Safety conscious boaters
  • Private mining companies
  • Any thrill seeker looking to improve their chances of survival, etc.

We also offer all refresher courses for FREE. Anyone who is enrolled in a Rescue Company class that has previously completed the same course through the Rescue Company will not be charged for refreshing their skills and knowledge.

What We Teach

The Rescue Company teaches a wide variety of safety and rescue techniques for all levels of response. From the next door neighbor to the special operations rescue professional.

All of our courses meet or exceed NFPA 1670 – Standards on Operations and Training for Technical Rescue Incidents.

We offer classes at a variety of skill and certification levels in:

Please click on the above list to see a description for each class.

Where We Teach

The Rescue Company is now based out of Prescott Valley, Arizona. Classes are still annualy held on the Nenana River (Denali National Park), Six Mile (Valdez), Bear Creek, Kenai River (Kenai Soldotna), and on the Colorado River (Moab, Utah). We have taught classes as far North in Alaska as the Red Dog Mine and as far South in Alaska as Juneau. We have also been fortunate enought to teach White Water Recue in Moab, Utah to the professional guides of Sheri Griffeth.

We will go anywhere – Ice Rescue in Tok, Alaska at -20 degrees Fahrenheit, Confined Space Rescue at the Red Dog Mine…

When We Teach

Rescue classes are offered year around; weather and conditions permitting of course. The majority of our classes are offered in Spring and Summer (May, June and July).

Check this year’s class schedule for dates that best fit your needs. If there isn’t a class that works for you, get a group of people together and host your own class! Call us for details and inquiries about hosting you own class.

How We Teach

The Rescue Company employes highly skilled and diversified instructors and offers a wide varriety of classes. We tailor each class toward the needs of the particapants; taking into consideration the resourses available to them as well as the climate and geographic conditions they will be working in. We provide the guidance, instruction and the safe environment to learn, practice and hone your safety and rescue skills.